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Floating Sea Camp is now offering kids and teens the chance to stay on board a marine research vessel or at one of the most desirable coves on Catalina Island for an entire week of adventure during Catalina Island overnight summer camp.

For many youth coming to summer camp is their first time staying away from home overnight. This gives them the opportunity to grow as individuals, discover new strengths and talents and develop social skills while making lots of new friends at camp.

Catalina Island is a very short distance from Los Angeles, California and can be reached by boat in a little over an hour. Our camp is just minutes away from the largest town on the island, Avalon. Although remote, we are only ten minutes away from paramedics and other vital services when needed.

The campus at Whites Landing is home to the largest natural sandy beach on the island and has a newly constructed full size pier, which allows our research vessel, The Enhydra to easily come to dock. Campers have the option to either stay on board the ship or to stay at the island campus.