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It’s so simple, yet the rewards wonderful. I am a novice in programming, but thanks to Courselog, no more.”

Coming to summer sea camp on Catalina Island is an incredible opportunity for youth to develop new skills, strengths and talents and to overcome many personal obstacles while exploring the many various natural resources available on the island. Each participant learns to face their fear and aversions and push themselves part their comfort zones in the effort to try the various adventure activates that are part of the summer camp program.

Some campers may have an aversion to swimming in the ocean, making new friends, or to staying away from home for a whole week. The Floating Sea Camp counselors and staff are experts at inspiring kids and teens to overcome their self imposed limitations so that they can get the very most out of their week of summer camp at Catalina Island.

Floating Sea Camp is a fun, adventurous and educational marine science program; however it is also an opportunity for each participant to grow personally as individuals, as well. An entire week at camp builds strength, confidence and high self esteem in each person who attends. By being inspired to face their fears by camp staff and the other campers they make a connection with their inner strength and personal power, which remains with them long after their week of camp is over.

Counselors, instructors and staff are trained to build altruistic character traits in the campers during each program activity. The program itself gives youth many valuable opportunities, such as snorkeling in world class dive locations on Catalina Island. However to fully enjoy and benefit from these opportunities they must exert themselves fully! This is when they are encourages to develop traits such as courage, perseverance, patience and discipline.

Floating Sea Camp is shaping the world changers and earth stewards of tomorrow!