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Floating Sea Camp on Catalina Island is a marine biology program for kids and teens unlike any other where youth have the opportunity to either live onboard a 112’ marine research vessel or to stay at our island campus at Whites Landing Cove. Both programs offer the options to enjoy program activities such as snorkeling and kayaking at the most desirable locations on the island. There is even the option try scuba diving and earn your life time dive certificate!

Floating Sea Camp is a dream come true for teens and kids interested in marine biology. Camp on Catalina Island is a unique opportunity to be completely immersed in the unpolluted and unspoiled beauty of nature. It has been found that children’s learning abilities are greatly enhanced when placed in a natural setting. That is how we have always learned the best!

By immersing themselves in the marine environment during their week of camp at Catalina Island, youth develop a deep personal love and appreciation for the Ocean. Now they are ready to protect it! People only protect what they love, and they only love what they know. That is why it is so important to nurture any interest a child may have in natural sciences by giving them the opportunity to visit those natural places and enjoy them first hand.

Floating Sea Camp’s marine biology programs include trawling for plankton and them looking at the various species discovered through high powered microscopes, as well as kayaking to marine ecosystems and then snorkeling there, learning to scuba dive, exploring the tide zones and learning about the various marine mammals native to the West Coast.

Live on board a fully equipped marine research vessel, or stay at our island campus at Whites Landing Cove, Catalina Island. You can stay at camp for one week, two weeks or even three full weeks!