The Only Floating Sea Camp On Santa Catalina Island...

Island Camp

Stay at our picturesque island campus at Whites Landing Cove!

Summer Programs

Choose between our island camp & ship camp

We now offer the option to spend your week of camp either at our island campus location or on board 'The Enhydra'!

Ship Camp

Live on board our fully equipped marine research vessel, 'The Enhydra'!
Highlight #1: Live On Board A Marine Research Vessel

The Enhydra is a fully equipped 112′ U.S. Coast Guard certified marine research vessel with a professional galley, private staterooms, large spacious decks, and is fully stocked with all the toys, games and all other supplies needed for a week of outrageous fun in the sun on Catalina Island! 

Highlight #2: Play In The Ocean & Explore The Island

Enjoy jumping off the top deck of Enhydra, as well as surfing, boogie boarding and playing in the waves on the back side of the island. Try scuba diving, swim through giant sea caves, visit spectacular snorkeling locations, enjoy kayaking, explore remote island beaches, and discover the wonders of nature both on and in the water!

Highlight #3: Hands On Marine Biology Activities

A week with Floating Sea Camp’s passionate staff and living aboard the Enhydra is enough to make anyone fall in love with the Ocean environment. Increase your knowledge with a short class before each program activity. Push your personal limits, learn new skills, and explore your personal passion for marine biology!

Adventure Activities

Experience adventure, friendship, character building, learn new skills, and live like a true marine biologist aboard MSA’s premiere Floating Sea Camp at Catalina Island! During your amazing week aboard the ship “Enhydra”, you are immersed in exciting marine biology activities including snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, surfing, paddleboarding and more.

Work beside your favorite counselor during hands-on marine biology activities to develop various skills such as snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving, deckmanship, Oceanography, marine science research, and others. Make new friends, and develop new and exciting aspects of your self. Come join us this summer for the adventure of your lifetime!

Enrollment is limited to 40 campers per week!