Open Water Dive Course

Enjoy a lifetime of excitement and adventure that comes alone with earning your Scuba Dive Certification Card. The ‘PADI Open Water Dive Course’ is the most universally recognized dive course in the world, with millions of people going on to apply what they’ve learned to explore some of the most incredible aquatic locations on Earth!

Guided Scuba Tours

Are you already scuba certified? Want to add on another two dive experiences to your week of Floating Sea Camp? Come back and enjoy the very best of Santa Catalina Island with your favorite dive instructors and camp staff!

Introductory Discover Dive

An introductory discover dive is an orientation to scuba diving for beginners that allows those who have always wanted to experience the beauty and incredibly diversity beneath the surface of the waves.  Enjoy a unique chance to dive at the world-famous Casino Point Dive Park, in Avalon, one of few underwater parks in the world, and marvel at the complex marine environment found in the kelp forests.

Advanced Open Water Dive Course

The dives in the Advanced Open Water course are very different from those in your Open Water course. The Adventure Dives are similar to a regular dive, except you focus on a particular diving specialty. The Deep Adventure Dive of the course involves diving deeper, between 18-30 meters (60-100 feet). During the Underwater Navigation Adventure Dive, you practise navigation and compass skills underwater while diving.