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It’s so simple, yet the rewards wonderful. I am a novice in programming, but thanks to Courselog, no more.”

Floating Sea Camp on Santa Catalina Island is a unique outdoor education program in which youth are mentored to become environmental stewards though immersive summer camp program activities. The best way to learn about marine conservation is through hands on activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, trawling and learning how to engage with nature via the scientific method.

Our program is ideal for teenagers because the activities are both fun, challenging and highly educational. By learning to scuba dive and snorkel in fantastic locations around the island they are inspired to know more about the marine environment and all the various species they may have encountered during their summer camp program activities.

In this way, Floating Sea Camp’s adventure activities re-spark a genuine interest and love for learning! It is hard to develop a genuine personal interest in natural sciences through only reference material in books and videos. However, when you are in the water with a beautiful marine sea creature that you have never seen before – then you are excited to research more about it when you get back to camp!

This is how marine biologists and the environmental stewards of tomorrow are made!