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If you are looking for a travel camp that offers both adventure, science and access to remote environmental protected areas – then Floating Sea Camp on Santa Catalina Island is the ideal option for you! Although only twenty-three miles from Los Angeles, the island is extremely remote and secluded – offering campers the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature for an entire week of summer!

Floating Sea Camp offers kids and teens the opportunity to visit the top destinations around Catalina Island during a full week of immersion in the marine environment. Many campers travel from all around the world to attend a week of camp on the island. We depart from Los Angeles, California, which is easily reachable from LAX international airport.

Catalina Island is an ideal travel camp destination because it is remote and secluded even for nearby California residents. Summer camp attendees often feel as though they have left the continental United States and are in a foreign country, when the truth is they have not even left Los Angeles County!

The spirit of adventure is always in the air when exploring the raw natural resource that is Catalina Island. Whether if you are on the land, on the water or in the water; there is always so much to see! This is one of the few places in the world you can see a heard of bison on a sandy beach, or the endemic Island fox. It is not uncommon to see bald eagles, golden eagles and large flocks of marine birds such as cormorant.

Catalina Island is a truly unique and special environmental preserve (88% of the island has been donated to conservation). Floating Sea Camp offers endless options for nature lovers, students of marine biology and environmental enthusiasts.